Role Play

Role Play for a Variety of Workplace Scenarios

In staff assessment and development programs, actors role play in a range of written scenarios – for example as difficult subordinates, managers or senior partners, and challenging clients or customers. Learners experience typical simulated meetings in workplace situations. The meetings are improvised with each participant, while the role play scenarios are consistent, providing evidence of their ability to perform desired competencies.

Participants are encouraged to display their mastery of expected skills and methodology, and then given constructive, evidence based feedback. Experience in both acting and business gives corporate actors credibility and provides a challenging, yet supportive learning environment. The actor/coaches provide an appropriately challenging experience, looking, sounding and performing believably and focusing on supporting participants to perform to their best ability.

Constructive Learning and Actionable Feedback

As a business focused professional improvisation troupe, we subtly guide participants to demonstrate their style and mastery, feeling confident about their strengths, while recognizing any learning needs. When giving written or verbal feedback, we describe our feelings and responses to the verbal and non-verbal style of participants, so the feedback can be used alongside the objective view of assessors when required. We aim to provide constructive learning, using Key Performance Indicators as areas to develop.

If you’re interesting in learning more, here are 5 tips to keep in mind when introducing group role play at your workplace.

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