Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills with Peers and Players

How We Turn Those Nerves into Confidence

Do you have a presentation to give to your peers, a client or a recruitment panel? Does the thought of being in front of people stress you out? You’re not alone! Fear of public speaking is said to affect 75% of us. We have programs which can give you or your staff presentation skills to perform with ease and confidence.

Our coaches are experienced in the performing arts, and many are award-winning improvisers, directors, presenters, and coaches. We have all experienced stage fright, and developed techniques to turn those nerves into confidence and excitement! The skills we share impact more than just public speaking, they’ll make you the star of your presentation, using the tried and true methods of the ‘actor’s toolbox’.

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Fun, Lasting Presentation Skills

These workshops are experiential, and focus on practical presentation skills. We encourage you to present the best parts of you! Strengthening your authentic voice, personal impact, vocal and physical control, relaxation techniques and the ability to read your audience. We will work with you on-site, one-on-one or in small or large groups.

Our techniques, while fun to learn, provide lasting skills, which can make presenting yourself and your ideas a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Work with a specific presentation or skills for daily workplace events.

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