Event Performances

Event Performance for Hay Group at The HR Summit

How We Bring Theory to Life

Whether you are rolling out a new model for your employees, highlighting development areas or celebrating how well they are achieving, we will tailor event performances to suit your message. Enacting your unique development areas, we bring theory to life, adding fun, engagement and vitality to your training.

We will work with you to create scenes from your company culture, often enacting ‘a day in the life’ meeting. These scenes usually demonstrate communication which could be handled more effectively. Your delegates are then invited to discuss, make suggestions and direct our actors to behave more effectively. We then ‘replay’ the more effective communication.

We Tailor Event Performances to Suit Your Message

Scenes can be portrayed comically or more subtlety, encouraging lively conversation from the learners. Some themes could focus on bullying, harassment, feedback conversations, recruitment, teamwork etc..

If you prefer, we can create humorous or satirical skits, to liven the day and entertain delegates. Or more educational presentations, if you are rolling out innovations or methodology.

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