Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations or ‘Real Play’ with Peers and Players

How to Master Critical Conversations

Most of us have dreaded a conversation we know we just have to have! Knowing the outcome we want from these critical or ‘crucial conversations’, and practising the skills needed to tackle them with confidence can help.

Participants describe their personal upcoming workplace situation, from their own and their counterparts point of view. A skilled corporate actor will embody that person. It could be a difficult direct report, disgruntled colleague, intimidating manager or demanding client. Dealing with bullying in the workplace, breakdowns in teamwork, or other common issues.

The participant focuses on effective communication methods; giving feedback, building rapport, active listening, influencing skills or non-verbal communication. Colleagues in the group get involved by giving each other feedback and support.

How to Rehearse for Stressful Meetings

Any meeting which causes stress just thinking about it can be prepared for and rehearsed!

Powerful learning occurs because this process replicates real-life situations. A constructive approach is practised, useful communication skills are practiced, instant feedback and coaching are given and the conversation re-enacted until your staff member feels confident about tackling the future conversation.

Also known as ‘Real Play’, critical conversations usually occur in small groups. Participants support each other to examine their scenario with constructive feedback and strict confidentiality. At Peers and Players, we are passionate about this process and the positive effect it can have in the workplace.

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